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Adat HaTikvah

| Louisville, Kentucky
Messianic Judaism
3726 Bardstown Road
Louisville, KY 40218

Church size: Medium church
Worship style: Other worship style

3726 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40218
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What to Expect at Adat HaTikvah

Adat HaTikvah is a medium-sized church located in Louisville, KY. Our church is Messianic Judaism.
Services: Saturday Shabbot Service 11:00am
Attire: Informal or casual attire is most common
Leader: Tom Blackburn, Rabbi
Worship Service Details

Church Ministries

Other worship style music
Communion, Eucharist, or Lord's Supper
Congregational or responsive readings
Men's/women's ministry
Additional Information About Our Church

Adat HaTikvah ("Congregation of the Hope") is a Messianic Jewish congregation. We are a group of Jewish and Gentile people who believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is the promised Messiah!

We are a small, new congregation and we have something to offer you. Our worship is joyous and includes Messianic and Israeli songs and offers varied expressions of worship. Our teaching is focused on the complete Bible, both the Tenach (Jewish Bible) and the Brit Hadasha (New Covenant or New Testament). We use some liturgy, not to add flavor but to bring depth and meaning to our Jewish expressions of faith. Come visit us this Shabbat. May Yeshua grant you shalom!
For Further Information
(502) 364-1948