USA Churches

Church Sizes

USA Churches classifies churches in our directory by size--mega churches, large churches, medium churches, and small churches--and churches come in all sizes.

Mega church:
Average weekend attendance more than 2,000 people

Large church:
Average weekend attendance between 301 and 2,000 people

Medium church:
Average weekend attendance between 51 and 300 people

Small church:
Average weekend attendance 50 or fewer people

Church size does not refer to the physical size of the church building, or the number of seats in the church building, or even the number of people who are members of the church. Rather, size in our church directory refers to the church's average weekend attendance; in other words, approximately how many people attend church services on a typical weekend.

It's important to understand that church attendance tends to fluctuate. For example, weekend attendance has been shown to decline at many churches during the summer months. Furthermore, while our church directory is constantly updated, some churches' attendance grows rapidly. USA Churches includes the church size feature in our directory to give church seekers an approximate idea of a church's size and what to expect.