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USA Christian Denominations Directory

The USA Christian Denominations Directory is organized into 18 alphabetized groupings of denominations, as shown above. Click on a group to view specific denominations and associations of churches that fall within each group. A summary of each denomination is provided, including historical information, church structure, statistics, and a web address and contact information.

Sorting Through So Many Christian Denominations

Christians have had differences in beliefs and practices throughout history, and as a result, Christianity has divided into many denominations. There are several hundred Christian denominations in the United States alone, and many more worldwide. There are also Non-Denominational / Independent and Interdenominational churches. All of these options can make it very confusing to find a church. We at USA Churches do our best to help you sort through all of the different Christian churches available today.

The USA Christian Denominations Directory is based on information provided by the denominations and associations of churches themselves. The data for the number of churches within each denomination is provided with permission by The Association of Religion Data Archives).

Our directory lists several hundred Christian denominations and associations of churches, and we continue to add more in order to make this the most comprehensive directory available. Please contact us if you have any suggestions.