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Autumn Wind Christian Fellowship

Non-Denominational / Independent
33 East Park Street
Westerville, OH 43081

Autumn Wind Christian Fellowship is a small church located in the Columbus area in Westerville, OH. Our church is Non-Denominational / Independent.

What to Expect at Autumn Wind Christian Fellowship


David Conklin

Service Times:

Saturday Praise and Worship 7:00pm
Thursday Bible Study 7:30pm

Service Details

  • Informal or casual attire most common
  • Blend of traditional and contemporary worship style
  • Location: Franklin County

Ministries and Programs

  • Children's ministry
  • Weekly small groups

Additional Info About Our Church

Autumn wind brings to mind a peaceful tranquil late summer afternoon sitting under a Maple tree. Thoughts of simpler times when life was not full of the hustle and bustle of everyday life but when life was about sitting under trees dreaming of what life would be like when we grew up to be adults. God wants us to return to that time in our mind when worry was left to others, as His children He wants us to cast all our cares on Him because He cares for us. He tells us not to worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will worry about itself. At Autumn Wind Christian fellowship we live life like this and teach others to do the same. Our Philosophy is there is nothing that will happen before midnight that we cannot handle; it is when we worry days and days in advance we become over whelmed. When we have problems we reach out to each other and to Jesus, in this way we receive the strength we need to live each day in God's loving arms, just as He intended. Autumn wind also plays a crucial part in our mission. Just as the leaves on the maple tree start to change color and the wind blows colder so we are reminded we are like a flower gently fading away. Our time here is not to be spent in endless pursuit of things and pleasure but in service to God and our fellow man. The leaves fall from the tree, we see winter approaching and the time approaching for God's harvest of earth when He gathers the wheat from the chaff and puts it in His barn. He tells us there are multitudes and multitudes in the valley of decision and that today is the day of salvation, we must be ready to help others get ready as well. Just as the maple tree loses all its leaves and snow follows then it is too late to prepare for the winter cold, so it is with God s work. God tells us that when the door is shut it will be too late to enter in to His kingdom. We must work while there are leaves on the tree and autumn left in the wind. While God does want us to enjoy our times under His trees, He also wants be aware of the changing seasons of life. We must go and tell the world what God has done for us then each fellow traveler can sit with us under God's loving arms and enjoy the shade of his love.

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33 E Park St, Westerville OH 43081
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  • (614) 402-7915