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New Jerusalem Baptist Church

75 Evergreen Road
North Fort Myers, FL 33903

New Jerusalem Baptist Church is a medium-sized church located in North Fort Myers, FL. Our church is Baptist.

What to Expect at New Jerusalem Baptist Church


Jean Apdala Dorval, Pastor
Sergo Caprice, Decan
Prince Castor, Decan

Service Times:

Sunady School Adults/Kids 9:00am
Sunday Adoration Service 10:00am
Sunday Worship 10:30am
Sunday Youth Services 5:00pm-7:00pm
Sunday Adoration Service 7:00pm-9:00pm

Service Details

  • Formal attire most common
  • Traditional worship style
  • Printed worship bulletin
  • Altar call or invitation
  • Location: Lee County

Ministries and Programs

  • Children's ministry
  • Youth or teen ministry
  • Weekly small groups
  • Young adult ministry
  • Men/women's ministry
  • Singles ministry
  • Senior adult ministry

Additional Info About Our Church

The New Jerusalem Baptist Church is a Christian organization dedicated to excellence in the care and spiritual welfare of its members and the believers in the body of Christ. It seeks to encourage, exhort and edify its members through a full knowledge of the Gospel, and to lead non-believers into having a personal relationship with our Savior Jesus-Christ.

One of our priorities is to assist in the spiritual development of the members of the church through the implementation of Bible studies, Sunday school programs and other spiritual activities deemed appropriate by the church. The weekly Bible studies are facilitated by the pastor, whereas the Sunday school programs are organized and run by trained Sunday school teachers.

Another emphasis is to aid in the provision of care to the members in need, and to assist them in their recovery through encouragement and support. To that end, we maintain regular contact with members who may experience some difficulties in their personal lives, either via telephone calls or through personal home visitation. Issues regarding family matters and/or community integration are addressed during such visits.

Another goal we seek to implement is promoting financial self-sufficiency in church affairs through fund raising's and other means judged appropriate by the church. We organize annually at least two fund raising's for the purpose of meeting our financial objectives. These include addressing out internal needs, as well as supporting our needs of expanding and relocating our church to a larger facility where we can better serve our community. Our finances are handled by church members with a proven experience in financial matters, and chosen by the assembly.

In order to meet these milestones, and to reach out to nonbelievers in the community, we prayerfully work on facilitating the development and the implementation of an organizational structure in the church so that its various functions can be run optimally. With the Lord's help, we are slowly but surely making progress on each of these objectives.

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75 Evergreen Rd, North Fort Myers FL 33903
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For Further Information

  • (239) 265-5424
  • (239) 540-2836