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Word of Truth Bible Church

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2200 South Davis Drive
Arlington, TX 76013

Word of Truth Bible Church is a small church located in the Fort Worth area in Arlington, TX. Our church is Bible Churches.

What to Expect at Word of Truth Bible Church


Steven R. Cook, Pastor-Teacher

Service Times:

Sunday Worship and Bible Study 10:00am

Service Details

  • Informal or casual attire most common
  • Blend of traditional and contemporary worship style
  • Printed worship bulletin
  • Communion
  • Location: Tarrant County

Ministries and Programs

  • Weekly small groups

Additional Info About Our Church

Here at Word of Truth Bible Church we believe the Bible must be central to our fellowship, for without it we cannot know anything specific about God, His creation, His offer of salvation, His provisions for the church, or His plan for the future return and reign of Jesus, the promised Messiah. We accept the Bible as true on every subject it addresses, knowing that it speaks with authority on matters related to marriage, business, finances, law, philosophy, politics, military life, and personal responsibility. Learning God's word is necessary to understanding His creation as well as living His will in every area of our lives.

Making the Bible central to our fellowship means we study Scripture verse by verse, interpreting it plainly, considering the original languages, and paying attention to the historical and cultural context from which each human author wrote. It also means that on occasion we slow down in our verse by verse exposition of Scripture to study important doctrines that help us to understand the theological framework resident in the Bible. Since God the Holy Spirit is the divine Author behind every human author, we expect the word of God to have theological continuity.

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